Healthy Eating Starts Here!

As we enter another day in January there are some of you that  will have broken or are on the verge of breaking your new year’s resolutions. We are here to help! Many of you want to be healthy in 2017 and with that comes the thought of boring food. We are here to show you that healthy food does not have to be boring with these mouth watering recipes from Morrisons, take a look at these for some healthy mid week inspiration!

It might look like a takeaway but it’s not! This Chinese- style Beef in Oyster Sauce Dish is a delicious and healthy alternative. Click here to see the Morrisons recipe.

A good soup is always a tasty option for a winter’s day, this carrot and coconut soup is a fantastic way to get some essential vitamins into your body. Click here to see the Morrisons recipe.

And if getting creative in the kitchen isn’t your thing, try and shop a little healthier, these sweet potato chips are a great alternative to standard fries.

Or swap your rice with Quinoa, this Jamie Oliver pack is on offer at the moment at just £2!

We hope those few tips will allow you to shop and eat a little healthier this year, click here to see more recipes. Or take a look here to see the other offers available at Morrisons.